(An Association of Junior Engineer’s of BSNL)

Minutes of the General Body Meeting of SNATTA CTD SOUTH BA HELD ON 27/04/2024.

Attendance: General Secretary SNATTA: Suresh Kumar, Circle Treasurer, SNATTA-CTD: Sumit Kumar, Assistant Circle Secretary, SNATTA-CTD: Mahesh Kumar, Organising Secretary,SNATTA CTD: Sujeet Kumar. Approximately 40 members from different corners of Operation Area South

The general body meeting convened successfully on 27th April 2024(SATURDAY) at BSNL, GM Office, Operation Area South, 82 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata-19. The presence of esteemed members, including the General Secretary SNATTA, Circle Treasurer  and Circle ACS along with nearly 40 attendees from various parts of Operation Area South, marked a strong turnout and demonstrated the enthusiasm of SNATTA members.

The meeting is presided over by Mahesh Kumar ACS/SNATTA CTD and proceeded with discussions on individual concerns and issues within different areas/exchanges under OA-South, emphasizing the need for synchronized efforts between the circle and operational area bodies to address them effectively. Recognizing the shortcomings in coordination and understanding the decision to reform the structural framework of the operational area body was unanimously agreed upon garnering support from all members. Unity emerged as a pivotal strength, with a consensus that all Junior Engineers (JEs) must remain united under the single platform of SNATTA, highlighting the importance of regular submission of monthly membership dues to carry out expenses towards regular activities. It was also pointed out very precisely about the erroneous & fewer vacancies for JTO LICE aspirants in CTD corresponding to improper Staff MIS report submitted by CTD management towards Headquarter. Also, the abolition of SC/ST/OBC opportunities for JEs recruited via Special Recruitment Drive for clearing Backlog vacancies was pointed out. Indiscriminate transfer posting and excessive workload under continuous decrement in the BSNL workforce were also discussed.

SUMIT KUMAR(Treasurer), addressed the house and gave the account details and the collection report from south BA members.

General Secretary Suresh Kumar warmly appreciated all the members for coming to the meeting and also congratulated Prasun barua for organizing the meeting with grandeur. He provided comprehensive insights into ongoing scenarios, including discussions on JTO LICE pertinent related legal matters, upcoming challenges related to pay revision with proper & justified pay scale sole rights of JE cluster. Members unanimously expressed solidarity in facing future obstacles unitedly.

Meeting ends with appreciation of success and strong support of individual members with applause for the newly elected body and its anticipated success in navigating the challenges ahead.