(An Association of Junior Engineer’s of BSNL)

Memorandum regarding Settlement of Pay-Structure issues of Junior Engineers &other Non-Executives in BSNL from SNATTA.

GS/SNATTA has written a memorandum to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar ,Director (HR) ,BSNL regarding Settlement of Pay-Structure issues of Junior Engineers & other Non-Executives in BSNL. It is highlighted some key points in the mamorandum to state that our Pay Structure finalisation process should be carried out by considering 7th CPC Report and other miscellaneous Reports. Non-Implementation of 3rd PRC has already deprived the financial Progression scope of the Employees, and JE Cadre is the most Deprived one in this segment since 2nd PRC. Right from the formation of BSNL, Several roadblocks are created in the Pay Structures and Promotion Policies
to destroy the Career Scope of the Employees and despite of these Negligence, We, the Employees, more specifically
these JE cadre, have worked with tooth and nail in the field level for the Interest of the Department and the Nation.

As on today, JE is the only cadre in Non-Executive category at which recruitment is being done in BSNL. JE’s are the
backbone of this organisation, which are working with same enthusiasm and efficiency as JTO’s and SDE. However, it is
very much embarrassing for us when we discuss our salary among peer JE’s working in other government organizations.
But our expectations are still high from BSNL that during pay-revision, we will get the respectful revised pay-scale.