(An Association of Junior Engineer’s of BSNL)


The enthusiastic presence of all the esteemed members of SNATTA in the General Body Meeting of *SOUTH BA, NORTH BA, EAST BA and WEST BA* of SNATTA CTD under the activity schedule of our Association has filled our morale with strong intentions for the welfare works of our cadre and has boosted our spirits to volunteer for our beloved Association. Now it’s turn to decorate the house of meeting to convene the General Body Meeting Of SNATTA HQ. To demonstrate the enthusiasm of our Association the *GENERAL BODY MEETING OF SNATTA CTD HQ is going to be held on 29/05/2024 at Telephone kendra, 9th floor Recreation Club Room from 2:30 pm to 5 pm.* All JEs under CTD HQ are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting.

Agenda of the meeting….

1. Discussion regarding current scenario of 3rd wage revision.

2. Indiscriminate transfer, posting and Job responsibility of JE cadre.

3. Immediate settlement of recently raised issue regarding facilitating mobile reimbursement for JEs.

4. Detailed discussion on the reality behind the hiring of BCG for supply of consultancy services for organisational transformation.

5. Discrepancy in circle vacancy calculation,action regarding staff MIS/ staff roster.

6. Detailed discussion on the activities of SNATTA HQ BODY and Coordination of CIRCLE BODY with it.

7. Discussion regarding Rule- 8 transfer cases.

8. SNATTA HQ BODY Reformation.

9. Account details of HQ , collection and expenditure regarding.

10. Issues of JEs of HQ if any.

11. About the Merger of WBTC with CTD and Tamilnadu with Chennai telephones.

12. Any other issue raised from the house.

All JEs of CTD Circle Office (HQ) and also all JEs of ETR posted at Telephone bhawan and Telephone kendra are requested to attend the meeting.* *Note- CIRCLE SECRETARY/WBTC also invited to attend the meeting.

Thank you*🙏