(An Association of Junior Engineer’s of BSNL)

Core Committee meeting of BSNLEU and SNATTA seeks early settlement of burning issues of the Non-Executives.

A meeting of the Core Committee of BSNLEU and SNATTA is held online on 23–05-2024. From BSNLEU, the meeting is attended by Com. Animesh Mitra, President, Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary and Com. John Verghese, Acting General Secretary. From SNATTA, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS and Com. Abhishek Rana, AGS, attended the meeting.
(One more comrade from SNATTA could not attend, due to unavoidable reasons). Com. Animesh Mitra presided over the meeting. Detailed deliberations were held on the non-settlement of the burning issues of the Non-Executives. The meeting expressed it’s anguish over the discrimination being meted out to the Non-Executives, by the BSNL Management, with regards to the settlement of HR issues. After in-depth discussions, the meeting took the following decisions unanimously:-

1) A joint memorandum is to be submitted to the CMD BSNL, by BSNLEU and SNATTA, demanding early settlement of the burning issues of the Non-Executives.

2) Campaign/ programme of action are to be organised demanding settlement of the issues.

3) Meetings of the Core Committee of BSNLEU and SNATTA are to be conducted at circle and district levels for the effective implementation of the above decisions.
Note- SNATTA has a firm decision to settle the burning issue of JEs and other Non-Executive. Keep the unity of JEs and other non executives under the alliance of SNATTA AND BSNLEU. Mainly pay and Promotion and all other important issues will be included in the memorandum . It is requested to all circles to conduct a meeting and reform the circle body for successful conduction of all the programmes.